The poster – a bridge to happiness, to freedom, to the right start...

A group of experienced artists – teachers and contributors began a couple years ago, an exhibition project for students of graphic design and photography. Year after year, shifting the world’s Biennial of Student Poster and the world’s Biennial of student photos. And every time our experienced enthusiasts have had the pleasure to be followed persistently, in their plans, by their younger colleagues. This year is a little bit different. This time our younger colleagues has the main task in the organizing committee, and they are, from the earlier, followed by all those who were, so far, the initial core of this extraordinary event.
We who do not engage in this art. We who carefully monitor this art. We who each day pass beside this art. We who feel, and we who do not feel when is just an information and when the brilliant piece of art is in front of us, these days we’ll have the opportunity to treat our senses with works of best among the best students of art academies from all over the world.
We will have the opportunity to learn about the beauty and power, combined in one place. The beauty and power of one word associated with one picture. The beauty and power of several words, in contrast, but yet in harmony with one picture... Only one word, just one picture, a few words, the stirred swarm of photos, can mean a lot, or leave us indifferent... Right word and the right picture at the right time, expertly designed, together, are the top art of designing posters. A poster as an applied art form, when it’s made in harmony of its time, inspired by the divine spark of creativity, often beyond the moment of its creation, continue to live its second life, a different life, the life of timeless art radiation.

Happiness is a habit;

Necessary armor of human soul;

Freedom is in your head;

Where to start...

Let’s start with ourselves that we can come to ourselves. On that way the poster can be our bridge, the little cross, which missing to happiness, to freedom, to the right start, to understanding and tolerance, to the ordinary and necessary satisfaction... The bridge that coming from outside but finishing inside and vice versa. One look at the moment as we go down the street, through underground passage, turbulent expanse of a railway station or airport... One look at the poster forever can change our way.

Professor Zoran Todović, Dean
Academy of Arts in Novi Sad