We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the Biennial of Students’ Photography, which has been organized for the fifth time by the University of Novi Sad, the Academy of Arts. The Biennial, as the place of congregating and meeting, and at the same time the place of interweaving of ideas, gives us the opportunity of an insight into various artistic sensibilities, and the numerous artworks that were received from most of the continents show how students of different art schools experience contemporary culture through the medium of photography. The opening of the Biennial will be held on 2nd December, 2009 at 12:00 in the SPC Vojvodina hall. The side events of the Biennial, Camera obscura – Balaton Almadi (14th November, 2009, at 18:00, the Gallery of UPIDIV), and Kvarner - Beneath and above the Sea Surface (1st December, 2009, at 18:00, the Gallery of Photography, Cinema and Video Association of Vojvodina) are the creations of students of the Academy of Arts at workshops in Croatia and Hungary during 2009. Your presence will be a warm support for the young, as well as for the projects which promote cultural exchange, innovation and Serbian art life in general. We are also certain that everyone will walk out of the gallery richer for a nice experience, an idea more.